13 November 2019 - SARLAG yarn from Wool Market

13 November 2019

The last Wool market has already gone and the next one is coming, and I've just gathered myself up and found a moment to look through and take a picture of my purchases. I wanted everything and at once😍 Well, as usual when there is so much yarn beauty around. But I went there only to have a look. 😁 However, thoughts of a yellow sweater haunted my mind, so I could not pass by @mcashmere @sarlag_yarn cashmere. 🤗😍 I adore them, their yarn and the fact that they always invent pleasant and unusual gifts. This time I got wonderful cans with cashmere down as a present- well, it is incredible anti-stress! You can fumble and stroke, and by the way it is very interesting to hold the raw material from which such beautiful yarn is made in your hands.

Author: Alla, @alienne_filatova - Instagram

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