About us

The company MCashmere is the only Russian producer of yarn from yak hair, camel hair and cashmere. MCashmere produces its own yarn under the brand SARLAG, which is translated from Mongolian as "Yak". Sarlag is a high quality yarn produced only from natural materials, carefully selected by our specialists in Mongolia. Our yarn is not subjected to any chemical treatment, even colouring, so it is ideal for children's clothes and for people with allergies. SARLAG yarn is a luxury product for true lovers of knitwear.

The company also imports Mongolian cashmere produced by GOBI factory.

We  buy  precious  material  for  the  yarn  production  directly  from  the  Mongolian  breeders  without contacting middlemen to exclude Chinese fakes. Sarlag yarn is produced using only the best equipment applying advanced technologies. Sarlag is a luxury product, so we do not produce mixed yarn and we do not work with synthetic fibers. The inimitable yak and camel hair cannot be colored without losing its quality, for this reason Sarlag yarn is represented only in natural colors.


About yak

Yak - is a long-haired bovid that lives in the coldest region of Mongolia and, thus, yaks grow specific, very warm hair for their own insulation, therefore, yak hair is one of the warmest fibers. Since old times yak hair was regarded as a synonym of warmth, softness and lightness. Yak garments is as soft and warm as cashmere, but less expensive. Yak hair is hypoallergenic and is renowned for its healing properties. Small livestock of yaks in Mongolia, the impossibility of combing adult, strong, obstinate yaks, together with the increasing demand from consumers, are the main causes of the annual rise in price of this valuable natural fibers.


About camel

Bactrian camels are the main suppliers of precious camel wool to the world market. Camel wool is more than two times lighter than sheep wool and also much stronger. As well as yak hair, camel hair is not subjected to coloring. Thanks to the hollow structure, camel hair quickly absorbs moisture and you always feel dry gentle warmth! The softness and amenity of camel hair are caused by the high content of lanolin which is beneficial to health, penetrating through the skin into the body. Mongolian camel hair, in addition to its unique properties, also has very unusual consumerquality: it does not shrink like sheep wool, yak down, cashmere or fake camel wool, conversely camel hair stretches slightly with each wash.


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141407, Russian Federation, Moscow region, Khimki, Lavochkina street, 2A


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