Online store SARLAG.RU (MCashmere LLC.) informing You conditions, terms, and address for goods return in Russia.



Return of eligible goods must be proceeded within 14 (fourteen) calendar days since the day of receipt of goods.

Return of goods may occur either on Customer’s** request, or due to the Seller’s fault.

Customer’s reasons to return goods may be:

- Wrong size, fashion, color, length, and etc.;

- Received goods’ color is different from the item’s color on website photo.

Reasons to return goods on MCashmere LLC.***, (here-in-after as “Seller”) initiation:

- Improper order packing;

- Defected/faulty condition****;


In case of improper order packing or defected condition, the return shipping cost of the goods by Russian Post shall be covered by Seller. Refund to Customer will be issued within 5-7 workdays.


Note: In order to be eligible for return, goods must in its original condition, packaging and labels intact, unused.


Ineligible for exchange and return quality goods are listed in Russian Government Decree № 55 from January 19th, 1998.


Return goods

Return goods shipped only via Russian Post. Shipping cost is paid by Seller.

Return address:

MCashmere LLC., 141407, Russia, Moscow region, Khimki, Lavochkina street, 2A , tel.: +7(499)938-51-61

- Packing list of goods in return package must be made at the post office. Packing claims with no packing list will not be considered.

Return goods refusal of Your parcel may occur in following:

- damaged postal package (use only original postal packages, avoid wrapping with scotch tape (except postal) and other materials);

- C.O.D payment


Refund methods

Refund of finances is issued to Customer after receipt of Customer’s refund request by means of original payment made for the returned goods:

- bank wire to account;

- to the credit or debit card.

Notice: Refund of finances is issued only to the account, or the bank card the payment was made from.


To receive refund of finances to Customer’s bank account, Customer must send e-mail to info@sarlag.ru with subject “Refund” and following info:

1. Checking account on Customer’s name

2. Bank account SWIFT code

3. Corresponding account

4. Account holder’s full name

Transfer of finances is performed within 10 (ten) workdays starting from date of Customer’s refund request receipt. Transfer of finances to Customer’s payment account is subject to the bank’s regulations.


If not agreed otherwise in sale campaign.

**Following is the full list of ineligible for exchange/return goods approved by the Government of Russia Decree № 55 from January 19th, 1998.

1. Goods for home prevention and treatment of illnesses (items of sanitation and hygiene made out of metals, rubber, textile and other materials, instruments, medical utensils and equipment, mouth cavity hygiene products, prescription glass lenses, child care items), medications.

2. Personal hygiene items (toothbrushes, combs, pins, hair curlers, wigs, hair extensions and similar products).

3. Perfume and cosmetic goods.

4. Textile products (cotton, linen, silk, wool and synthetic cloth, cloth types of non-woven materials as tape, braid, lace and other); cable products (wires, cords, cables); construction and finishing materials (linoleum, film, carpeting and other) and other goods sold by length.

5. Sewing and knitting produce (linen, hosiery produce).

6. Goods and materials, contacting grocery items, made with polymer materials, including disposable (table and kitchen ware and utensils, containers and packing materials for storage and transport of grocery items).

7. Household chemicals, pesticides and agrochemicals.

8. Household furniture (furniture sets and collections).

9. Precious metal items, adorned with precious stones, precious metal items with semi-precious and synthetic stone inserts, faceted precious stones.

10. Automobiles and motor- cycle- products, trailers and licensed units, small mechanized mobile units for agriculture, cruise boats and household sailing units.

11. Complex household items with warranty period (household metal cutting and wood processing; household electric machines and equipment; household radio-electronic equipment; household calculating and multiplying equipment; photo- and film equipment; telephone sets and fax units; electric musical instruments; electronic toys; household gas equipments and units).

12. Civil armament, main parts of civil and service firearms, designated ammunition.

13. Animals and plants.

14. Non-periodic publishings (books, brochures, albums, cartographic and musical publishings, loose leaf printings, calendars, booklets, postcards, issues on technical information carriers).


***All claims regarding order submitting errors will not be accepted after payment

****In the event of Customer receiving Goods of improper quality, Customer reserves right to exploit conditions from Article 18 of “Consumer rights in finding defects in merchandise” in the Law on Consumer Rights Protection.